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Applications of metaheuristics inspired by nature in a specific optimization problem of a postal distribution sector (in the proceedings)
Applied Sciences
Michał Berliński, Eryk Warchulski, Stanisław Kozdrowski

Improving the Differential Evolution Strategy by coupling it with CMA-ES
The Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO) 2022
Eryk Warchulski, Jarosław Arabas, Rafał Biedrzycki

A Version of NL-SHADE-RSP Algorithm with Midpoint for CEC 2022 Single Objective Bound Constrained Problems
IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation 2022 (CEC)
Rafał Biedrzycki, Jarosław Arabas, Eryk Warchulski

A New Step-Size Adaptation Rule for CMA-ES Based on the Population Midpoint Fitness
IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation 2021 (CEC)
Eryk Warchulski, Jarosław Arabas

Current Advances in Information Quantum Technologies – Critical Issues
International Journal of Electronics and Telecommunications 2021
Katarzyna Nałęcz-Charkiewicz, Eryk Warchulski, Ryszard Romaniuk, et al.

Optimization of ultra-thin magnetron sputteredaluminum films with the use of AI models
Mroczyński Robert Paweł, Arabas Jarosław, Warchulski Eryk